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Message on the job market:

The job market has been at an all time low for hiring, however, the economy is beginning to move forward and companies are looking to fill startegic staff postions. Employers who are seeking the best candidates are utilizing Cobb Professional Services and here's why.

Human Resource departments are being inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes for posted positions and do not have the ability to adequately screen and qualify this mountain of resumes. Highly qualified candidates are probably not even in the mix of desperate job seekers who frequently re-write their resumes to match the posted job descriptions. Often,many of these candidates do not possess the skill and experience levels necessary to even perform the jobs. They are just tossing their names in the hat in hopes of being considered for a position - any position. Valuable human resource time and energy are being wasted on interviews with incompetent job seekers and the search continues. Our business is better than ever because of our clients who recognize our abilities in locating, screening and qualifying high caliber candidates for their positions.  

If you are a job seeker, maintain your confidence in this great land of America and in the outstanding companies that are still successfully producing goods and services in their respective markets. The major corporations in America get all the headlines in times of bust and gloom, however, there remain many companies that are thriving, whether large or small, and they continue to have human resource needs that are unmet.

If you are exploring your next career move, email us your resume in confidence and we will notify you of future opportunities.