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          Providing top quality candidates to America's employers since August 1994.

Cobb Professional Services offers staffing services to a select group of client companies through retained search and engagement fee methods. Our mission is to be the preferred provider of staffing solutions for our clients. We are devoted to helping our customers achieve their professional and financial goals by thoroughly understanding their needs, priorities and expectations. We will do our utmost to ensure our clients get the highest quality people.

To achieve these goals we develop trusting relationships with our clients to better understand their organizational culture and specific staffing needs. Our guiding principles of integrity, teamwork and honest commitment are applied to each project we undertake. We utilize our specific expertise as well as our many contacts within the recruiting industry to provide staffing solutions in a timely manner.

Even in this slow economy, we continue to assist employers in locating qualified candidates for their open positions. Unfortunately, with a down job market comes an overwhelming number of unqualified job seekers. Human Resource departments are being inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes for posted positions and do not have the ability to adequately screen and qualify this immense number of applicants. Highly qualified candidates may be lost among the masses with desperate job seekers who re-write their resumes to match the posted job descriptions. Often, many of these candidates do not possess the skill and experience levels necessary to even perform the jobs. Valuable human resource time and energy are being wasted on interviews with incompetent job seekers and the search continues. Our business is better than ever because of our clients who recognize our abilities in locating, screening and qualifying high caliber candidates for their positions. 

Cobb Professional Services realizes a company's most important asset is its people. Our number one goal is helping our client companies attract and hire top talent for their business or industry.

If your company has needs for quality candidates, please contact us today. You will not be disappointed. Your organization's ability to thrive and grow depends on the talent and achievements of your people.

We can help you find those achievers.